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体育・スポーツ Taking photos of club activities.

These days, it is not good weather but it is not bad weather.
It is just right to take photos. Too much sunlight makes our face frown.

We are taking photos of the yearbook throughout school.

This is a man's tennis club.
Their expressions and poses dating back to the 1980s.
Well, what kind of pictures will appear in the yearbook?

体育・スポーツ Toward Shikoku Inter-high in 2022

The 2022 Shikoku Inter-high will be held in Shikoku. It's been 42 years since 1980, when Inter-high was held in Ehime.

By the way, 1980 is the age when I was born.  I don't remember that Inter-high. When I was rookie, my boss told me “A child who was born around that time is now already a teacher!”

I'm sorry, I changed the subject.

I don't know what events will be held in Ehime, but high school students will be involved in managing the event.

Today, high school students from Saijo, Niihama and Shikokuchuo districts gathered and held the first committee meeting to discuss what kind of actives they will take. 

I hope that this coronal vortex will converge in 2022 and the inter-high will be held on a large scale!

(Hina, Moe)

学校 Aozora School

After school, in the courtyard.

This weekend, third grader will have mock exams.


In the evening, the sun in the courtyard becomes weaker.

The third graders were studying hard with friends. 

They are getting bored and tired when studing in a constant surroundings for a long time.

Let's change the surroundings and refresh.

I look forward to results of a mock exam on the weekend.


(Yuka, Rin)

体育・スポーツ Today's Health Sports Class: We are cheer"ing!" Send-off party in class.

The Health and Sports Course, as its name suggests, is a mecca for those who love sports.

Of course, most of the students in the class participate in inter-high school championships of Ehime.

 Well, this morning, students are look"ing" at something with a serious look.

The teachers are look"ing" at something, too.

Beyond that line of sight, there is their homeroom teacher, Mr.  "Ing"yuki.

Mr. "Ing"yuki created, everyone's postures doing their best into "motivation video."

Well, I watched it too, it really lights a fire in their heart.


With the support of your homeroom teacher behind you, please do your best in inter-high school championships of Ehime.


※"ing" means "teru."


(Tsubasa, Kaho)

学校 Modern high school students who are required to make use of information and communication technology.

It's been about two weeks since the tablets for students were given.
Students came to use tablets more often.

This is an English class for third graders.
After solving the problem, students send answers to the teacher.
Then they share their answers.
When I point the camera at the students, they can immediately take various different poses.
That's great苦笑い


Whether you go to college or get a job, computers, tablets, and the Internet are making their way into schools and businesses in many places today.
It is the time that we're ashamed to say, "I'm a digital native!" just by watching YouTube.
We make use of our tablets to contact with teachers or students and to record study hours and daily temperatures.
Let's get used to "New Habits" soon!


(Mao, Leo, Hiroyuki)

学校 Westernized!

There are "key duty" teachers.

They are in charge of unlocking and locking the entrances and exits of the school buildings in the morning and evening by turns.

In the evening, the teacher tells the remaining students to lock the classroom and urge them to leave school on the air.

From today, announcements in English are also made irregularly after announcements in Japanese


This is the first time. Ms. Yano made a fluent announcement.
I am thinking about having students take care of it someday?!


(Tsubasa, Masashi, Rio, Saya)

注意 Urgent notice and request from Ehime Prefecture

The big holidays will be over and school will resume tomorrow.

However, there have been several confirmed cases of infection due to people bringing the virus home from outside the prefecture during the holidays.

We cannot deny the possibility that the virus has spread to a certain extent in the prefecture, as many people have been coming and going.

In addition, since teachers and classmates cannot keep track of each other's activities during the holidays, there is a risk that the viruses may spread further inside and outside the school when school activities resume.

Therefore, from tomorrow, please make sure that you do not come to school if you have any symptoms.


If you have symptoms, please do not force yourself to go to school, avoid contact with others, and be sure to see a doctor.


In some cases, after symptoms improve quickly, symptoms and positive reactions appear again after having contact with others at school. 


If you had any symptoms during the holidays, please see a doctor just in case, even if your symptoms are better now.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Thank you.



体育・スポーツ Ehime Inter-Highschool Championships Toyo-area qualifier

Ehime Inter-Highschool Championships Toyo-area qualifier have been held since mid-April.

Here we announce the results (each time they are found).


Higashi Athletes are now doing their best, as they have no competitions last year.

Mr. Yagi, the manager of the track and field team send us photos.

The results shown below are mainly the ones that have led to the Ehime championships.


・Male Volleyball


・Female Volleyball

R1  NE 2-1 Kawanoe
R2  NE 2-0 Tanbara
R3  NE 0-2 Imabari North

・Male Basketball

R1 NE 62-73 Niihama NCT
Consolation R1 NE 76-48 Doi
Consolation R2 NE 55-42 Tanbara

・Female Basketball

R1 NE 93-73 Niihama NCT
R2 NE 65- 67 Imabari West
Consolation NE 81-56 Yuge NIT


R1 NE 14-0 Doi


R1 NE 3-13 Tanbara


R1 NE 16-11 Saijo Agric.
Semifinal NE 5-16 Imabari West
3rd. Playoff NE 11-18 Niihama Coml.

・Male Tennis

*Only individual matches were held (Group match will start from Ehime Championships).
Singles... Shiraishi: Best 8
Doubles... Shiraishi & Naono: Best 8

・Female Tennis

*Only individual matches were held (Group match will start from Ehime Championships).
No qualifier in individual matches.

・Male Soft Tennis

*Group match

*Individual match
Iio & Takahashi: 2nd.
Ito & Watanabe: Best 8

・Female Soft Tennis

*Group match

*Individual match
Kurokawa & Sakamoto: 3rd. round

・Male Table Tennis


・Female Table Tennis

*Group match: 2nd. 
*Individual match
Singles... Kuroki, Yamaguchi: 4th. round
Singles... Hayashi: 6th. round
Doubles... Kuroki &Yamaguchi: 2nd.


1st. place: NE, Saijo

・Rhythmic Gymnastics

Murakami: 1st. (17.00)
Tanabe: 3rd. (13.40)

・Track and Field

Male: 2nd.
100m... Ohno: 2nd.
200m... Ohno: 1st.
1500m... Matsugi: 1st.
5000m... Matsugi: 2nd.
3000mSC... Tokunaga: 1st.
5000mW... Kawamura: 1st.
High Jump... Yokoyama: 2nd.
Discus throw... Goto: 3rd.

Female: 2nd.
100m... Yano: 2nd.
200m... Takahashi: 3rd.
800m... Ichii: 1st. / Kibita: 3rd.
1500m... Ichii: 1st.
100mH... Fujita: 1st.
400mH... Fujita: 1st.
5000mW... Goda:1st.
4×100mR... Fujita, Yano, Kagawa, Takahashi: 2nd.
4×400mR... Kagawa, Takahashi, Fujita, Yano: 2nd.
Javelin Throw... Yamamoto: 1st.

学校 The new student gets lost in school.

It is warm recently.
I think it is T-shirt seasons, but cold weather will come again in the Golden Week.

There was a ladybug in the crossing corridor.
Which class do you belong to ?


I asked, "where you are going?", but he seemed a quiet student and didn't reply.
To the First school building will be a very long way.
You must not be late for the next class!


(Kaori, Rina, Maho, Sosuke)

学校 Tablets for 2nd. and 3rd. graders

Second and third grade students got a PC after first grade students.

It's good to help each other.

We need ICT now. We study hard to use information technology.

First graders are beginning to use their tablets more often.

The teachers are also working hard to teach better.

Third graders translating this article, Good luck!


(Ibuki, Sota, Misaki, Yuka)